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About MidBoss

MidBoss is a games and media production studio headquartered in San Francisco, California. Projects include 2064: Read Only Memories, a cyberpunk point-and-click adventure, the acclaimed documentary, Gaming in Color, and international queer gaming convention GaymerX. The company is staffed by professionals from diverse backgrounds, founded on the belief that fun, interesting media can also create an environment where inclusive characters can be a part of mainstream media and beyond.




2064: Read Only Memories

Gaming In Color

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Selected Articles

  • “GaymerX is a case in point of how to change a culture of exclusivity through inclusion.”
    – Carli Velocci, Kill Screen
  • “What I like most about the San Francisco of ROM is that it’s not a typical gloomy cyberpunk dystopia in the vein of Blade Runner’s Los Angeles. Rather, it’s a vision of San Francisco’s future in which the beauty and the diversity of the city I know and love today are plainly visible.”
    – Carolyn Petit, KQED