Summer of Pride Summer of Pride

Get Ready for the Summer of Pride!

The Summer of Pride is an upcoming series of LGBTQIA+ (queer) streamers playing queer games, all throughout the month of June. These fun gaymers will be playing some of the best and most unique games that showcase positive representation of queer characters and stories. Tune in and discover some really great games, and follow some really fun streamer personalities.


Want to nominate a queer-friendly game to be played during the Summer of Pride? Then head on over to this application form and fill it out!


How about a queer streamer? If you have any suggestions for queer streamers for us to reach out to, to participate in the Summer of Pride, then take a gander at this application form and let us know!


June 1st - 30th

Tune into our Twitch channel throughout the month and check out the amazing games.

Check back soon for the full game schedule!