ROM Crossover Party + Mark Your Calendars for 8/18!

Heya Cyberpunks!

We’ve got two really exciting announcements to make, and Melody and Pat here were kind enough to let us do this update in their lovely manor in the Presidio.

(pictured, Melody and her loyal cybernetic bear, Pat. Not pictured, us for some reason?)
(pictured, Melody and her loyal cybernetic bear, Pat. Not pictured, us for some reason?)


First up, Turing has somehow found themselves in the land of CrossWorlds, an MMO of the distant future where players interact in a physical world using physical humanoid avatars.

This is all within the setting of CrossCode, a fantastic action RPG!

Oh, and be sure to check out their demo too, it’s a treat! 

ROM X Smooth Operator

Next and last, do you like to kiss? Heck, who doesn’t?

Well TOMCAT definitely enjoys the occasional smooch, and now you’ll be able to give ’em one in Smooth Operator, the co-operative kissing game from Beardo Games, where you can kiss anybody and everybody!

Weird? Awkward? Maybe! But that’s what we like about it. Keep yer eyes peeled for it on iOS and Android later this year!

That’s all for now!

Don’t forget that Read Only Memories is coming out on AUGUST 18TH, so mark your calendars, and know that you can preorder it now for just $9.99, as it will likely be either 12.99 or 14.99 at launch, so you can save some dosh!




Hey cyberpunkers!

If you haven’t heard of Starr Mazer yet, have you been living under a meshnet blackout? This awesome adventure game crossed with a SHMUP just hit its goal on Kickstarter, and the game looks amazing! So amazing, that some of the Read Only Memories kids may be jumping over to their universe, and bringing back some friends with them!




Do you like the Read Only Memories Soundtrack? Well our Musician and Lead Sound Designer, Matt “2 Mello” Hopkins made an amazing remix of the lead Starr Mazer track that’ll get you out of your VR headset and dance!



Starr Mazer is approaching its first stretch goal and is poised for adventure/SHMUP domination – they’re quickly on their way to their $180,000 ALL STAR MUSICIAN stretch goal, and you know how much we love kick ass music! 🙂


Back Starr Mazer Now!


/Very/ soon we’ll have an update for our beta backers with a brand new beta version, with not too long after that a brand new version of the demo for everyone!! ROM has gotten a huge shine polish over the last month and we can’t wait to share the new experience with you!