2064: Read Only Memories is coming in 15 days for PS4. Really!

Hey cyberpunkers!

It’s been a long time coming — we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on and all the hard work we’ve put into making a huge, huge overhaul on Read Only Memories with 2064: Read Only Memories.

We made a video about it — but we originally thought it was going to be a week before. But we didn’t want to waste the video, so we tried to make it work 🙂

The actual release date on PS4 is September 27th! It will be a free update/launch for PC, Mac and Linux users in November (more info to come!). We’re still working on other platforms..Vita ran into some issues that we’re hoping we can sort out asap.

… We have a NEW real trailer we’ll be launching on launch day 😉 Oh, and did you see our cast announcement? 😀

What else…

PAX was awesome… Tokyo Game Show is next! Then launch and GaymerX … Busy busy month!!!!!!!

We announced the upcoming Turing plush which will be made public for sale soon with Sanshee along with new shirts and pins! 🙂

Lots more coming soon!!!!! Hit us up anytime at @rom2064 on twitter! 🙂

Bye from Neo-Tokyo! We’ll be back in Neo-SF next week for the launch! ^__^

Turing has a Voice Actor!

Digital Drum Roll please…






You may know her from The Walking Dead‘s Clementine, or Yo Kai Watch‘s Komasan, or many many other characters, and she is now joining us as the voice of Read Only Memories DX’s Turing!!

Joining the already announced cast of Dave Fennoy, Adam Harrington, Gina Tron, and Todd Bridges, this is just the first of some amazing folks we’re so eager to show you…we have some big big things to show for ROM DX…stay tuned 😉




We had an amazing time showing off the game and chatting to our friends at GDC and SXSW – we’ve been so busy! Up next is PAX East..we hope to see some of you wonderful cyberpunks there!!!

Also! Enjoy some wonderful art from our good friend LATTE!!




Matt :3

Coming 1/22!



Thank you everyone for helping make the Winter Steam Sale & Humble Bundle extra successful for ROM – we had a slow start, but sales are starting to pick up!


We’re really excited to show you what’s next in 2064 on Jan 22, and then more updates to come throughout the year!!


Merry Christmas! ROM in 2016 and Endless Christmas

Hey punkers!  (-`♡´-)

A few quick updates:

1) ROM is currently on sale on Steam for just $8.24!  (-‶’▱’‶-) Wow! The sale is going super well, and the better we do, the more money we can put towards ROM DX, launching on PS4 and PSVita in mid 2016. Please consider telling your friends – we also have another platform that will be launching a big sale tomorrow too we’re excited to announce!

2) ROM EX V1 – our very first “big” DLC is coming, and it’s FREE, launching Jan 22! EX stands for “Endless Xmas”, a post game romp to hang out with your friends and meet some new ones after the events of ROM. Join us for Endless Xmas! Beat the game before then! >:3 You’ll need to have completed the game, and have achieved the “canon” ending to unlock this new mode!

3) We’re excited to be launching on Amazon Fire TV TOMORROW on Christmas Eve! 😀We also should now be up and rocking on the Razer Forge/Cortex store as well! Android TV buddies being joined by..a new..android buddy 😉

4) ROM: Type M will be launching on mobile devices around March/April for iOS and Android! Keep an eye out for more info on that! Jess may be a bit ornery, but she wants Turing on the go!  (-‘⇀’-)

art by @kuzuket
art by @kuzuket

5) ROM DX will be launching on consoles in mid 2016! Voice acting for major scenes! Puzzle and graphical improvements! New side quests! Cool visual effects like CRT emulation! More Hassy flavors! Coming to Japan in partnership with PLAYISM! More info coming around GDC 16’. Although there may be a launch window where the DX content is exclusive to consoles, it will eventually be available, at no extra cost, on PC/Mac/Linux. We appreciate you being an early supporter!! (This does not mean that ALL future DLC will be free though, just sayin’ that the DX content and everything leading up to it will be  (-‘ᵕ’-) )

Turing is so warm under that Kotetsu!
Turing is so warm under that kotatsu!

6) Merry christmas, punkers! Thank you all so much for your support – please don’t hesitate to hit us up on twitter @ROM2064, email at rombots@midboss.com and on our Wikia (run by CAMERATA) at http://readonlymemories.wikia.com/

Thank you!!! More goodies coming very soon! Stay Classy, Drink Your Hassy. ( ・▿・ )

(-˘̀ᵕ˘́-) Robots have the best christmases since they can open presents all day long and never get tired.

ROM v1.0.9


Live 10-30-15




  • Is it a trick or a treat??
  • New Relationship System the affects what endings you can get based on gameplay




Animations & Art


    • Door Animation for Sunset Apartment TOOK LONG ENOUGH TO FIX THAT DOOR  
    • Door Animation for Parallax Offices No explanation as to why this was broke. Laziness.
    • Fridge Animation in Sunset Apartment What’s in there? Milk? Hassy?! No Hassy?! Gotta order some Hassy. OK
    • Shutter gate for Genus clinic appears after speaking with Jess post-protests. Security is important!


  • Dana profile animation is in! She’s at the Hassy Bar :B


    • Hospital screen displays new animations. They /do/ care.
    • Melody’s monitor displays new animations. Finally got Pat to fix that.


  • Sink animation for Sunset Apartments. Gross.


    • Charge Shot & Indie Karts cabinets moved to new set for 1.1


  • Happy Halloween!




Real Talk

Hey backers, this is Matt Conn, executive producer for Read Only Memories.

On October 6, 2015, we released ROM to the public and to you the backers. I want to thank you all personally for backing this game before we even had a completed demo, for believing in the idea, the team, and the vision. We would not have gotten this far without you, and whether you backed it because you liked the type of game or the message we wanted to send, thank you for backing and believing.

As backers, you are the most important part of our experience – so if you didn’t get a code, or need anything from us, reach out to us ANY time at rombots@midboss.com. We know humble codes went out late, and we’re SO sorry about that delay. We’re also super sorry that our game grew a bit out of scope, getting delayed to Oct 6, 2015, but we’re glad we got it out and right now it’s getting great reviews, but we can always use more if you have a second on Steam or Metacritic!

If you’re waiting on an OUYA version, we will be releasing the game on OUYA, Razer Forge, and select Android TVs around Nov 2. After that, consoles (PS Vita, PS4, Xbox 1) and Mobile (Android/iOS) will be in the coming few months. During that time, we’ll be making improvements to the game, animation improvements and new easter eggs, that will be updated for future versions and current versions for free. There may also potentially be side story DLC as well in the pipeline, depending on how the wind howls.

We really need your help at this point – one more time! Right now the game is getting great reviews but what really matters is WORD OF MOUTH! If you really dug ROM and want to see more games like this get made, we need to get the word out wide and far! Do a let’s play! Do fan art! Tell your friends! We want to keep doing more Read Only Memories stuff and want to inspire other people to make weird, retro and queer games as well! So please please please, help spread the word and Turing and ALPHiE will give you so many digital kisses.

One last time, we just want to thank you for taking a chance with us and for helping make Read Only Memories happen and be the best game it can be. Even if the game doesn’t become a big success, you helped create this vision with us, and helped so many people work on a game we all felt so passionate and loving about, and we wouldn’t have had that opportunity without your help.

Please consider following @ROM2064 for silly updates and please join us on our Reddit andWikia to talk spoilers!

82 days until Christmas, 2064 (that’s some weird math)

Hey cyberpunks! We’ve been super busy over here as we’ve been putting the final touches on Read Only Memories!

For example, this new puzzle! :D
For example, this new puzzle! 😀

Right now we’re putting in cutscenes and animations – check out the storyboard for the opening, with some VERY special voice actors joining us!!! 😀

Check em out and get your hype machines booted up – Oct 6 will be here before you know it 🙂 Depending how things go with some negotiations, you may see ROM on some other systems sooner than later, too.. ^__^