What the hecky is going on with the launch of 2064: Read Only Memories?

2064: Read Only Memories

Howdy y’all!

We wanted to explain what’s going on with the release of 2064: Read Only Memories, the “Director’s Cut” of sorts of Read Only Memories (2015) that was slated to launch on PS4 with a full VO cast this week. Spoiler alert: The game is being delayed until Q1 2017. Read below for why:

First, we’d like to apologize as we know there’s been a ton of back and forth on the game and the dates surrounding launch. We wanted to be honest with you, our fans, about what’s been going on. When we began, we were not aware of the intricacy and specificity that is required to certify with a console. Getting a game running well is not the issue; you have to use specific file structures, protocols, and timings. These are things that we did not understand as we went into this process with a functioning game.

Our first date, August 16th, was chosen because Sony was gracious enough to offer us a featured store placement with PS4 and Vita. Unfortunately, we thought that since the game worked, the port would be simple.

The first road bump we hit was on the Vita. Some of the new systems we had to add to the game because of certification caused the game to stop functioning properly on the Vita’s hardware. This cost us a lot of momentum in the process. We delayed the game in the hope we could get it working, but we realized that making the PS Vita work within the right amount of time for launch would be nearly impossible, and so we decided we would just release on PS4 alone first, with the Vita version to release at a later date.

It was now just a few weeks out from our next planned release date, September 20 for just the PS4. Past this date there would be no opportunity for store placement, something that would let console owners know the game was released. In addition, it was looking like we would not make a simultaneous release in Europe due to the resubmission.

Due to these events, we no longer had the game coming out in Europe on launch, or had press codes, or had a PS Vita version ready, but we still held on tight, hoping that we could get it out for fans this fall.

2064: Read Only Memories

Then, we hit another issue in the certification process, which was pretty disheartening. However, the delay of Final Fantasy XV gave us another chance, September 27. We would need to redo all of our marketing materials for a third time, and we did, even if it was kind of a mess. Unfortunately we ran into one more problem, one that was caused by a software update and was out of our hands.

At this point, we had lost the chance to release for cross-buy for PS Vita, a simultaneous EU release, press codes for press, all of our marketing materials for launch, and the store placement, due to the VR and holiday season beginning.

There was just too much not in our favor, or in our fans’ favors either. This wasn’t the sort of release we were working for and it wasn’t what we wanted to give to our audience. That’s why we’ve decided to delay the game to 2017. Even if that means we are ready ahead of time, it means we can work on all the parts so that we can release in the way we want, so that everyone can play it.

We’re eager to get more news out there soon for what the new release dates and consoles will be but we’ve also learned our lesson about over-promising on things with dates. We are sorry for all the misinformation that’s been put out there, and the fact that we have to delay again. We feel awful for fans and this process has been a not super great one for us. Rest assured that we won’t repeat this again.

Long story short.

We played too hard and fast into release dates, thinking we could meet all the requirements needed to get 2064 onto consoles with flying colors without fully understanding the process. Now we know better, and because of that, we’re working hard to bring you the most solid and complete 2064 experience we can. Releasing the game the way we originally intended, and the way we believe our fans (and newcomers) would most appreciate it.

To help hold everyone over with the delay, we will be releasing a new demo soon showcasing some of the new voice acting and visual additions we’re including in 2064. This will be similar to the one we recently showed off at PAX West, and what will be shown at GaymerX4. We’ll keep you posted on when that demo will be arriving.

We’re so incredibly thankful for your continued support and encouragement (and patience!). We have such an awesome game that we’ve been working on for the last few years, and especially these last 10 months, and we’re really eager to get it out to you all soon!

2064: Read Only Memories