2064: Read Only Memories is coming in 15 days for PS4. Really!

Hey cyberpunkers!

It’s been a long time coming — we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on and all the hard work we’ve put into making a huge, huge overhaul on Read Only Memories with 2064: Read Only Memories.

We made a video about it — but we originally thought it was going to be a week before. But we didn’t want to waste the video, so we tried to make it work 🙂

The actual release date on PS4 is September 27th! It will be a free update/launch for PC, Mac and Linux users in November (more info to come!). We’re still working on other platforms..Vita ran into some issues that we’re hoping we can sort out asap.

… We have a NEW real trailer we’ll be launching on launch day 😉 Oh, and did you see our cast announcement? 😀

What else…

PAX was awesome… Tokyo Game Show is next! Then launch and GaymerX … Busy busy month!!!!!!!

We announced the upcoming Turing plush which will be made public for sale soon with Sanshee along with new shirts and pins! 🙂

Lots more coming soon!!!!! Hit us up anytime at @rom2064 on twitter! 🙂

Bye from Neo-Tokyo! We’ll be back in Neo-SF next week for the launch! ^__^