2064: Read Only Memories PlayStation Launch

Hi ROMantics,


Today we are letting you know that due to a couple difficult hiccups in the certification process, we made the decision to take a bit more time to make the game function on the PlayStation and all its components flawlessly. With that we needed to push back the PS4/Vita release date for 2064 so that we can make the best game possible for you all.


We’re working to catch the next PlayStation launch window which right now looks like it will be mid-September.

We’ll keep you posted with more info as it comes, so make sure to watch this site and our Twitter account (@ROM2064). We are extremely thankful for all the support and patience that the community has given us, and we are committed to making sure the game is exactly how it should be when everyone first gets to play it. We’re looking forward to letting you all visit Neo-SF very soon.

Thank you all.