“ENDLESS CHRISTMAS” free DLC now released!

Are you ready for Read Only Memories: EX?


Neo-San Francisco will never be the same. Read Only Memories EX is now live!

Endless Christmas is our FREE DLC released today, that allows you to revisit the city of Neo-San Francisco on Christmas day, exploring what has taken place since the events that took place just the day before.

To unlock EX, you’ll need to have played through Read Only Memories to completion and achieved Ending One (the “canon” ending). The Steam achievement for this is called All Good Things, and if you’ve unlocked that, you’ll find the EX button on the main menu. If you need help achieving Ending One, visit our wikia here! Spoilers inside!

Please enjoy Endless Christmas, use #EndlessChristmas on Twitter, and let your friends know that there’s always more to find in Neo-San Francisco.