Read Only Memories Gets A Shiny Update, Demo & Official Release Date

GaymerX answers call to create queer-focused video game with cyberpunk adventure Read Only Memories releasing August 18th on PC, MAC, Linux and OUYA.

San Francisco, CA – April 13th, 2015 – A new demo of Read Only Memories is now available for immediate download, featuring a brand new UI and design aesthetic. Read Only Memories – which Japanese publication Famitsu excitedly describes as “if AKIRA and Snatcher were mixed under the neon lights of cyberpunk adventure games” – is the widely anticipated point-and-click adventure from newcomer developer MidBoss Games.

“We’ve really benefited from releasing a demo last fall,” explains Ted DiNola, ROM’s lead programmer. “We got fantastic feedback on the controls as well as the content,” he adds, “and we’ve tried to reflect that in the latest version. We’re really excited to see what people think.”

The new build makes crucial improvements to ROM’s user interface and soundtrack, as well as tightening up the storyline and dialogue. Demos for PC, Mac, and Linux are ready for download directly from the MidBoss website.
Some of the dramatic new additions and changes to Read Only Memories include:

  • A complete UI overhaul
  • A more context-sensitive and better-looking inventory system
  • A modified, fluid “highlighting” system so players will never have to “pixel-hunt”
  • Even more music from hip-hop composer 2Mello
  • Massive improvements to performance, especially load times

“When we first started ROM, we strove to emulate the classic adventure game experience of titles like Snatcher as closely as possible,” explains @JJSignal, Read Only Memories’ director. “And I do think we captured that visual and musical aesthetic, which really seems to resonate with people. [The game’s] controls, however, were also stuck in the ’90s.”

“Our new approach made things even easier with ‘action selecting’ on a per-object basis,” he continues. “It just made more sense to the players as we’ve been showing off the new demo. We hope we’ve built something that will be intuitive to new players, while still remaining familiar to those who grew up with Sierra and Lucasarts games.”

In addition to ROM’s radical changes and updates, MidBoss Games is proud to announce that the game is officially scheduled for an August 18, 2015 multiplatform release on PC, Mac, Linux and OUYA, with mobile and console versions available in early 2016. For all development updates and news to come – follow MidBoss on Facebook, Twitter and the web.

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About ROM: Read Only Memories is a adventure game that aims to put queer and diverse cast of characters into meaningful roles in an intense cyberpunk story. Retro-futuristic sounds and graphics, along with close attention to world-building establish the setting of 2064 Neo-SF as a place players will want to inhabit. With a tense, taut narrative borrowing from the best aspects of future-noir, plus a bumpin’ soundtrack, ROM promises to combine the familiar with the unconventional in a way that is wholly original.

About MidBoss and MidBoss Games: MidBoss Games is the new game studio division of MidBoss LLC. Its parent company, founded in 2010, organizes GaymerX, the only games convention explicitly by and for LGBTQ+ gamers. MidBoss also distributes Gaming in Color, a documentary about video games and the diverse people who play and make them. The MidBoss Games studio was founded with the belief that good, fun, interesting games can be made featuring diverse and queer characters and themes.